Nummular Eczema

Nummular EczemaNummular eczema is a stubborn itchy rash that forms round coin-like patches of dry skin on the body. This condition tends to be chronic, waxing and waning at various times. Breakouts occur more often in the winter and this type of eczema, like most eczema, is associated with dry skin.

While allergies are not believed to be the direct cause of nummular eczema, they can aggravate the condition as can wool, soap and frequent baths. There is no known cure for this condition and sufferers are known to have it throughout their lives. However, there are some things that can be done to lessen the number of outbreaks and to ease the symptoms of an outbreak when it occurs.

Things That May Lessen The Number Of Outbreaks

There are a few treatments that have proven to be effective in helping to lessen the number of outbreaks of Nummular eczema. These treatments consist of mostly keeping the skin moisturized and avoiding putting any type of irritant near the skin.

  • Limit showers to once a day and use lukewarm rather than hot water, as hot water tends to dry skin. After showering pat rather than rub dry and immediately coat your skin in oil to help moisturize your skin.
  • When bathing do not use soap on patches of eczema and don’t use any soap or shampoos containing fragrance or dyes.
  • If possible, wear only 100% cotton material next to the skin. Organic cotton is the best choice as it contains no dyes or chemicals.
  • When doing laundry choose a laundry detergent that is free of dyes and fragrances and do not use fabric softeners. Line drying is best if possible.

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Treating Your Dry Patches When a Break Out Occurs

When a breakout of nummular eczema occurs, treating it promptly and correctly can help relieve the itchiness and keep the spots from growing larger.

  • Using a cortisone cream directly on the coin shaped dry spots often speeds the healing process. Remember that you should only use a small amount of cortisone cream and rub it in well. Studies have shown that using excess amounts of cortisone cream will not help the healing process.
  • If the spots are particularly itchy, consult your dermatologist as they may want to use ultraviolet therapy to help stop the itching.
  • Because nummular eczema can easily become infected, particularly with staph infections, it is important that you seek your dermatologist or medical doctor’s advice at the first sign of infection.

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Delaying treatment could cause other medical problems that will only make you feel worse and in some cases could have serious consequences.

While there may be no cure for Nummular eczema, taking proper care of your health and your skin can reduce the number of flare-ups you have. If and when a flare up does occur promptly and correctly treating the flare up will help keep you healthy and will result in the nummular eczema attack being short lived.

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