Eczema Herpeticum

Eczema HerpeticumEczema Herpeticum is a strain of herpes infection usually at the site where a person may have skin damage due to various kinds of dermatitis including eczema. Symptoms usually appear 5 to 12 days after exposure to the herpes virus and is considered a serious medical illness that could in rare cases be potentially deadly.
Initial symptoms of Eczema Herpeticum usually include:

  • A high temperature that continues throughout the course of the infection
  • Extensive rash over large portions of the body starting at the site of the damaged skin
  • Blisters that begin as water filled and later secrete a yellow pus, can break open and crust. If the condition is not treated when the blisters first appear, they will get progressively worse. In the first stage, watery blisters will appear at the site where the dermatitis or eczema is, then the blisters will spread to adjacent areas and continue to spread, the blisters may then begin to bleed and crust over and become extremely painful.
  • Swollen lymph nodes occur as the condition spreads throughout your body and secondary infections may develop particularly at areas of other breakouts.
  • In some cases, hospitalization may be required to treat the illness.

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The first occurrence of Eczema Herpeticum usually runs its course within two to six weeks, although allowing the infection to run its course is not recommended due to the fact that this is a potentially life threatening condition if left untreated. Additional outbreaks are usually milder than the initial outbreak but may last as long.

If you suspect that you may have eczema herpeticum, medical care should be sought immediately. If the condition is caught in the early stages, eczema Herpeticum can be effectively treated. There are a variety of anti viral and pain medications that may be used to treat the virus and eliminate the symptoms.

Because of the seriousness of this condition, people who suffer from dermatitis or eczema are advised to avoid contact with people who have cold sores or genital herpes especially if you are having a break out of your eczema. Even if you come into contact with the herpes virus for a short amount of time, you may still be at risk of contacting eczema herpeticum.

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While you should be aware of the symptoms of this condition and seek medical help regarding any symptoms you may have there is no need to panic. Considering how prevalent cold sores and eczema are this condition is actually quite rare.

Taking precautions to avoid the herpes virus and taking proper care of your eczema and eliminating breakouts and flare-ups as much as possible will certainly help prevent you from ever contacting Eczema herpeticum. If you do contact it, getting prompt medical attention can keep the condition from worsening and having even more serious side effects. As always, being aware and using common sense will help to keep you and your skin healthy.

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